sesaf logo2018 SESAF Annual Meeting
"Trees: Growing...Selling...Using"

Below are links to the meeting agenda and presentation materials made available by permission of the authors (pdf format).

Other Forest Pests: Combating on the Ground, Chip Bates, Forest Health Program Manager, Georgia Forestry Commission

Forest Insect Pests: Combating with Research, Elizabeth Benton, Forest Health Outreach Specialist, University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

Keynote address: History and Current Operation of Callaway Gardens, Patricia Collins, Director

State of the Nursery Industry, Scott Enebak, Director, Southern Forest Nursery Cooperative, Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Science

International Market Impacts on the Southeast, Rocky Goodnow, Vice President, Forest Economic Advisors

Architectural Innovations; Mass Timber with accompanying videos, David Kennedy, Auburn University

SAF and the Hurry-up Offense, Dave Lewis, 2018 SAF President, Southern Forestry Consultants

The Future for Plantation Silviculture, Tim Martin, Co-director, Forest Biology Research Cooperative, University of Florida School of Forest Resources and Conservation

Growing Stock: Genetics and Seedlings, Steve McKeand, Director, Tree Improvement Cooperative, North Carolina State University Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources

Forecasting Timber Markets: US South, Brooks Mendell, FORISK Consulting

The Future for Pellets, Brad Orwig, Pellet Business Development, Peeples Industries

Drones in Forestry, Paul Shepard, Sales Engineer, SITCH South

Rayonier Advanced Materials, Miki Thomaston

Note: The video presentation of David Kennedy's talk Cross-laminated Timber and Allied Products: Manufacture and Usage will be made available online soon.